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My first Update

Hello, this is my first update. I am very busy and have been working a lot! Lastnight I worked a double. I worked 2pm-6am. I am so tired. i got a couple hrs of sleep during the night, and  like 2 hrs when I got home, but not much! 

Everything is good here. My son Michael is in his terrible 2 stage. Well he has been since he was like 15 months but now he's in his screaming , high pitch stage. And he will do it out of the clear blue. He loves his bath, but when it times to come out and get him dressed and put lotion on, he kicks like a mad man. I don't get it, he can be the sweetest boy, and he is, but his tantrums can be pretty bad. I hope he'll grow out of them soon.  He is talking a lot and he is repeating so we need to be careful about what we say. My friend and i went out to breakfast a couple days ago, and he said the f word, I'm thinking omg.  He is a big momma's boy. He asks for me all the time and cries for me. he has his own personality and can totally make  you laugh. It's so hard to get after him, because he is just to darn cute and sweet. He will be 2 on Feb 17th.

I'm getting my hair done On friday. i'm very excited. I'm getting it cut and highlighted. I'm strating to feel more confident about myself and I'm losing weight slowly but I can tell a little bit of a difference.  I'm also finally getting a new cell phone too. My back doesn't even stay together. My battery fell in a mud puddle today, LOL!!!!

I'm looking forward to the superbowl next Sunday. I don't know if you all know, but I'm a HUGE football fan. Guys can't believe how much I know about it. I am very stoked about it, eventhough my team lost last weekend.

We got a new puppy too. his name is Buddy and he's about 15 wks old. he's pretty well house-trained. He's had a couple accidents but very rarely now. he's a jack russell terrier and he's so funny and energentic. They are super playful and hyper. But Buddy's pretty well laid back compared to most of his breed.

I will be doing a picture post of me and michael soon.



Oh Lexi has been in her terrible two stage, it seems like ever since she was 15 months too. She is a very good kid except those times. But yeah Tony and I have to watch our mouth too. We've slipped up already a few times but thankfully Lexi only says that word once and no more.

But congrats on your weight lose. I so need to start losing weight myself.
Ugh... the two's. My daughter will be 3 next month and she's been constantly getting worse for the last year and a half. And then everyone keeps telling me that 3 is even worse... thanks...

You're a Packer fan, right? I'm so upset that they lost- I was not expecting that at all. I haven't had TV for awhile so I haven't even been able to watch. Knowing it's probably Favre's last year sucks too... he's been the QB since I was old enough to watch. I don't think of the team without thinking of him.

I'd love a new puppy. Our dog's a pain in the ass... my parents have a terrier, though, and he's definitely a ball of energy!

Whoa, sorry for the book...
Aww! I know he'll get better, just try to sit and talk to him as if he were older. Tell him that acting that way makes Mommy really sad. Or maybe try to a behavior treat! No fits and you get a lollipop! :D We did this with my sister when she was around 2 and you have no idea how hard she would try all day for that lollipop, haha.
mine is in his terrible two's as well!! it's not too bad, but like you said the tantrums, esp. in public, are always fun!!
and mine has picked up a few bad words, mostly from my mother-in-law so we've all been trying to watch our language!
can't wait to see the pics =]
Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g

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