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Man, i am so tired today. Friday morning Michael woke up screaming at 3:30am. Then i had to work at 10pm, then when out with my firend and her friend to the bar and didn't get home til 3am, which i was up at 6:30am. Then had to work sat at 2p and a midnite girl was sick so I worked a double til almost 7am this morning.  I feel so worn out. I took like a 3 hr nap and had coffee, but I still feel dragged. WIth working a lot and going out partying the last 2 weekends, I'm not used to it. I just started going out again and I'm enjoying it.

Well, Friday my friend wanted me to go to the gay bar with her. I have never been to one and she is my first gay friend. So I agreed to support her. Well when we got there, it was guys nite. So we left and went to a bar/club. It was so much fun. Then had a band, and dj and even poles for chicks to dance on, now that was hilarious seeing sum of the drunks chics tryin to dance up on it. I got hit on so much. I haven't got hit on that much in awhile. It's very flattering. I danced the nite away. Well once I got a few drinks in me. I danced so much. It feels like hte muscles in my upper legs are torn. I can't even kneel. But it was a blast, except for the fact I was dragged put at work yesterday. So my friend wants me to go back out Saturday nite to the gay bar with our other friend, But I can't do this partying every weekend thing. I know I'm young, But working a lot and taking care of Michael I need to rest sometime. So I told her I'd think about it.

Michael's 2nd b-day is Saturday, Feb 17th. I can't believe he is 2 already. my lil man is growing so fast. We're having his party for him on the 24th at my sister-in-laws. Next yr when he's 3 and in school I wanna have it somewhere kool. But on his b-day we're just having my nephew sis and parents over and We might take him some place fun. We haven't decided where to yet, seeing there isn't much around here.  But He is totally attached to his binky and we said on his 2nd b-day we were getting rid of it. We were doing well with Weening him off it, until he got sick and then he wanted it. He was sick for like a week and he still has a cough 2 wks later. So he screams for it all the time. It's going to be hard to get him off it. Any ideas? His tantrums are still bad. I'm just hoping eventually he'll grown out of them. He's been a really big "momma's boy." Everything is momma momma, even when matt's home. He screams for me in the morning, when I'm in the bathroom. I mean I'm glad he feels close to me, but sometimes it's hard to get anyhting done.


Xan is 2.5 and we're still working on getting rid of the binkie.
Corey lost his dummy (binkie) when he cut teeth. He'd bite it and pop the little balloony bit and then not want it anymore and after he did that within 5 minutes of me giving him a new one, I said NO MORE and tossed it. Then he used the bottle as a replacement and at 5 and a half, we've only just weened him of that :D

Good luck!
Hey party girl! Don't party it up too much, teehee.

It can be hard to get them off the binky especially at that age when they're pretty dependent on it. Whenever he screams for it remind him that he is a big boy or give him something instead like a cookie or something he likes. Throwing them away will be the easiest thing for you since you won't feel guilty and have one to go get for him. Sometimes you have to go through the tears until they forget. Good luck!
Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g

February 2008

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