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Feb. 17th, 2008

Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g

Today Is Michael's 2nd B-day!

Today is Michael's 2nd b-day! It's a real crummy day out. We got sleet and rain  so it's really slick out. We are just having pizza and cake today. My sis, my nphew and her fiance are coming over and so are my parents. My stepson's over too. Michael's big b-day party is next Sunday at matt's sister's house. I can't believe my lil man is 2! It's like where has the time gone. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms. We took him and got his hair cut yesterday. He did really well. LAst time we both had to hold him down, but yesterday he sat there. He got a little ansy at the end, but it's expected. He's been so funny lately too, just doing funny things. I love him so much!

On to the negative news. Well, it's been a tough week for me. I'm going thru alot and have been really stressed out and down. I've been struggling with anxiety as it is, but don't want to take the medication prescribed for me. I want to do it on my own. i got to counseling every couple wks and that helps a little. But anyway, Matt got Fired from his job on wednesday. He has a really bad temper and got mad at a co-worker and they exchanged words and then Matt threw a shovel at him. You're 36 yrs old a grown ass adult, he should know how to act, esp in a place of work. So I'm freaking out because jobs are hard to come by. Michigan's economy is very bad rite now, and if you have a job you need to hold on to it. We can't make it on my income alone. SO unitl he finds a job, I'll be looking for a 2nd job. I won't see Michael as much, but I have to take care of my son. So I'm worried about paying the bills and everything. Plus, I'm just angry. I mean this is his 2nd job he got fired from in 2 yrs. His first job he was a mgr at a car wash making really good money. Plus I was dealing with his drinking, it's just all has added up and it's hard for me to handle. I asked him to stop his drinking, which for now, he hasn't. But it's always one thing after another. I'm trying to make this marriage work and I'm trying to be supposrtive of him best I can, but he got us in this predictament and he should be the one to get us out. I'm just so frusterated, I'm already running out of money and I don'tt know what to do. 

Saturday, I' going out with some girls from work. We're going to the bar i can't wait. I feel guilty for going out, but hey I haven't gone out till recently in like over a yr. I'm still young and need to have a life. It;s one keeps me sane, LOL!!!

Feb. 10th, 2008

Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g


Man, i am so tired today. Friday morning Michael woke up screaming at 3:30am. Then i had to work at 10pm, then when out with my firend and her friend to the bar and didn't get home til 3am, which i was up at 6:30am. Then had to work sat at 2p and a midnite girl was sick so I worked a double til almost 7am this morning.  I feel so worn out. I took like a 3 hr nap and had coffee, but I still feel dragged. WIth working a lot and going out partying the last 2 weekends, I'm not used to it. I just started going out again and I'm enjoying it.

Well, Friday my friend wanted me to go to the gay bar with her. I have never been to one and she is my first gay friend. So I agreed to support her. Well when we got there, it was guys nite. So we left and went to a bar/club. It was so much fun. Then had a band, and dj and even poles for chicks to dance on, now that was hilarious seeing sum of the drunks chics tryin to dance up on it. I got hit on so much. I haven't got hit on that much in awhile. It's very flattering. I danced the nite away. Well once I got a few drinks in me. I danced so much. It feels like hte muscles in my upper legs are torn. I can't even kneel. But it was a blast, except for the fact I was dragged put at work yesterday. So my friend wants me to go back out Saturday nite to the gay bar with our other friend, But I can't do this partying every weekend thing. I know I'm young, But working a lot and taking care of Michael I need to rest sometime. So I told her I'd think about it.

Michael's 2nd b-day is Saturday, Feb 17th. I can't believe he is 2 already. my lil man is growing so fast. We're having his party for him on the 24th at my sister-in-laws. Next yr when he's 3 and in school I wanna have it somewhere kool. But on his b-day we're just having my nephew sis and parents over and We might take him some place fun. We haven't decided where to yet, seeing there isn't much around here.  But He is totally attached to his binky and we said on his 2nd b-day we were getting rid of it. We were doing well with Weening him off it, until he got sick and then he wanted it. He was sick for like a week and he still has a cough 2 wks later. So he screams for it all the time. It's going to be hard to get him off it. Any ideas? His tantrums are still bad. I'm just hoping eventually he'll grown out of them. He's been a really big "momma's boy." Everything is momma momma, even when matt's home. He screams for me in the morning, when I'm in the bathroom. I mean I'm glad he feels close to me, but sometimes it's hard to get anyhting done.

Jan. 26th, 2008

Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g

My first Update

Hello, this is my first update. I am very busy and have been working a lot! Lastnight I worked a double. I worked 2pm-6am. I am so tired. i got a couple hrs of sleep during the night, and  like 2 hrs when I got home, but not much! 

Everything is good here. My son Michael is in his terrible 2 stage. Well he has been since he was like 15 months but now he's in his screaming , high pitch stage. And he will do it out of the clear blue. He loves his bath, but when it times to come out and get him dressed and put lotion on, he kicks like a mad man. I don't get it, he can be the sweetest boy, and he is, but his tantrums can be pretty bad. I hope he'll grow out of them soon.  He is talking a lot and he is repeating so we need to be careful about what we say. My friend and i went out to breakfast a couple days ago, and he said the f word, I'm thinking omg.  He is a big momma's boy. He asks for me all the time and cries for me. he has his own personality and can totally make  you laugh. It's so hard to get after him, because he is just to darn cute and sweet. He will be 2 on Feb 17th.

I'm getting my hair done On friday. i'm very excited. I'm getting it cut and highlighted. I'm strating to feel more confident about myself and I'm losing weight slowly but I can tell a little bit of a difference.  I'm also finally getting a new cell phone too. My back doesn't even stay together. My battery fell in a mud puddle today, LOL!!!!

I'm looking forward to the superbowl next Sunday. I don't know if you all know, but I'm a HUGE football fan. Guys can't believe how much I know about it. I am very stoked about it, eventhough my team lost last weekend.

We got a new puppy too. his name is Buddy and he's about 15 wks old. he's pretty well house-trained. He's had a couple accidents but very rarely now. he's a jack russell terrier and he's so funny and energentic. They are super playful and hyper. But Buddy's pretty well laid back compared to most of his breed.

I will be doing a picture post of me and michael soon.


Jan. 20th, 2008

Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g


Hi! I'm new to LJ but used to be over at GJ! I'm looking for some new friends, preferably between the ages of 22-30. I haven't decided yet if this will be friends only, and I kinda hope it doesn't have to be. Feel free to add me if you're interested in being friends!

Michael Sunglasses - faerieflings@baby_g

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